what does “siglio” mean?

Look it up in the dictionary.

do you take submissions?

We have in the past, but not right now. You can sign up for the newsletter where we’ll announce the next open reading period. Because our staff is smaller than small, we can’t respond to any submissions (or even questions about submissions). We appreciate your understanding. In the meantime, you can learn more about siglio’s editorial interests and the query process here.

where can I buy a siglio book?

Right here! Every order helps sustain our mission, and to thank you, we include the current edition of ephemera as a little gift. More info about orders and returns here.

Your local, indie bookstore deserves your support too (and we love it when you bring a siglio book to the counter because a conversation just might ensue). Find siglio books, too, at museum shops and that local eccentric specialty retailer with exquisite taste. Here’s a list of stores in the U.S. and — because we not longer ship internationally — another for stores abroad that regularly carry Siglio titles.

how do I stock siglio books in my store?

Easy! Contact either Artbook.com/DAP directly to place your trade order or one of their of sales reps. Or get in touch with us, and we’ll get you to the right person. Or just call us anyway—we love talking with booksellers. We’re happy to add you to our list, too.

what is siglio ephemera?

You receive siglio ephemera as a little gift when you place an order at siglio. When one runs out, we make another.

So far, editions of ephemera have included posters, sets of cards, stickers, accordion prints, buttons, a paper airplane, a booklet collection, a fortune teller, tiny chapbooks, and more, all created in collaboration with artists and writers whose work we admire. Sometimes ephemera is also the latest issue of The Improbable.

what is The Improbable and how do I get a copy?

It’s an occasional miscellany published lovingly and irregularly by Siglio. It is always free. Read about The Improbable and find excerpts here.

what do you do with my personal info when I place an order or subscribe to the mailing list?

As little as possible. We never share or sell it. The only cookies on the site are purely functional. We do not see or store your credit card information—everything is processed through Stripe which is an audited and certified PCI Service Provider Level 1 (the highest security rating). Our email newsletter goes out 6-8 per year, and you can always unsubscribe.

who do I contact for rights and permissions?

Publisher Lisa Pearson, who answers the phone and responds (sometimes slowly) to email. (In fact, I’m the only one here to answer the phone and email.)

who made your gorgeous new website?

The wonderful couple Jessica Green and Tom Griffiths at Everything Studio.

can I come work for you? do you hire freelancers?

There are two people working at siglio, and one of them is a fictional alter-ego. Both wish very much that they had money to hire some help.

do you have an internship program?

Unfortunately, it’s been suspended indefinitely and likely not to be resumed. This is sad because so many talented and smart young people contributed to siglio as interns (and introduced “us” to lots of new music). You can see/read just a few of their contributions here, here and here. And a former intern now has a book and two albums out!

still have a question?

Email hello (at) sigliopress (dot) com.

✼ affinities:

“I can not understand how you … would publish such filth. The book cost $39.95. This was not works of art.”


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