where to find siglio books outside the U.S.

For now—so long as USPS is ridiculously unreliable—we are not taking any international orders. Below is a working list of bookstores abroad that regularly stock and/or are happy to order siglio books. We’re adding to it, so get in touch to add another. If your local bookstore is not on the list, just put them in touch with me—I’ll connect them to the right person so they can order the book for you. It means a longer wait, but a lot cheaper and less risk that siglio shipping it to you directly. In case you’re looking for the U.S. list, it’s here.

Books at Manic (Melbourne)
Perimeter (Melbourne)
World Food Books (Melbourne)

Read Books (Vancouver, BC)
The Printed Word (Dundas, ON)

Bookartbookshop (London)
London Centre for Book Arts (London)
Claire de Rouen (London)
The Photographers’ Gallery (London)

Yvon Lambert Librarie (Paris)

Buchhandlung Walther König (Berlin)

Six Chairs (Vilnius)

Aye Aye Books (Glasgow)

✼ the improbable:

A miscellany of investigations, rants, manifestos, meditations, studies, lists, questionnaires, film scripts, and more in Issue 1, No. 1 Time Indefinite. We’re posting contributions, one by one.


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