Siglio publishes uncommon books that live in the rich and varied space between art and literature. Driven by its feminist ethos, siglio champions uncategorizable, unwieldy, and expansive works by artists and writers who invite readers to see the world anew by reading word, image, and page in unfamiliar ways. For siglio, “the book” is many things, above all, a space for heterodoxy, ambiguity, wonder, and play.

Read the siglio manifesto “On the Small & the Contrary.”

Founded by Lisa Pearson in 2008 in Los Angeles, and now located in a barn in the Berkshire mountains, Siglio has published more than forty critically acclaimed books by artist-writers including Joe Brainard, John Cage, Sophie Calle, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Madeline Gins, Karen Green, Dick Higgins, Dorothy Iannone, Ray Johnson, Jess, Bernadette Mayer, Adam Pendleton, Nancy Spero, and Cecilia Vicuña. In addition to critical accolades, Siglio books have earned design and translation awards, as well as a devoted readership.

Siglio publishes not only books, but also little editions of ephemera (given as a gift with each order here online), the occasional tabloid miscellany The Improbable, as well as limited editions and artist multiples, collected by individuals, museum libraries, and university special collections. Two books have been co-published with Ugly Duckling Presse, and four in collaboration with curator Andrea Andersson of the Rivers Institute, co-publisher with the California African American Museum of the recent titles Rock of Eye by Troy Montes-Michie and I Will Keep My Soul by Helen Cammock.

Find a repository of excerpts, essays, interviews, lists, remembrances, appreciations, things to print and more affinities, mostly under the heading “readings,” and a few, along with reviews and event announcements, under “news.” Short texts, appearing by chance, at the bottom of each page may (or may not) take readers to somewhere inside or outside the site. Some are authored by resident designer, office official, weather girl and newspaper boy natalie kraft.

A complete list of siglio author-artists, editors, and contributors is here.

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✼ natalie’s upstate weather report:

January 4, 2023 — Suddenly, not winter. At least for a day: sunny and an unseasonable 60 degrees. Some welcome light and warmth to offset the sadness of writing another remembrance. Two women hailed here at Siglio departed this earth at the end of 2022, a great, great loss. They couldn’t have been more different in so many ways—Bernadette and Dorothy—but both challenged the norms with gusto and persistence, also laughter and candor and insouciance, along with a little anarchy too. Nothing better than a meal with them, and of course, making a book that made them happy.


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