These are the siglio titles available to the trade. For wholesales orders, contact our distributor directly.

Yale distributes our books in the UK, and various reps handle our books throughout the rest of the world.

If you run into any difficulties ordering books, email siglio publisher, Lisa Pearson at hello (at) sigliopress (dot) com, who can help clarify, nudge, expedite, etc.

• • • 

We will soon have a special page for booksellers and librarians, updated every few months with advance word on reviews, forthcoming titles, events, etc. which we send out first as an email blast. We’ve got advances of most books available to trade and often postcards or possibly other promotional material, all available for the asking.

During the pandemic, several bookstores gave away free copies of issues one and two of The Improbable. We’re resuming publication of this unusual (and always free) tabloid miscellany, so if you’d like to be on the list to get a stack of the the next issue to give away, let us know.

And FYI: first iteration of The Improbable was an online collection of reviews written by booksellers for booksellers. The reviews are still posted, and it’s a treasure trove to discover under-the-radar titles from some of the the best indie presses.

In our mission to cultivate wider audiences for the kind of uncategorizable, literary-visual hybrid works that often get lost in that corporate machinery and mainstream media din, we depend absolutely on you to connect siglio books to the curious and adventurous readers who might otherwise not encounter them. Without your passion and advocacy, we would be lost. Know that we are profoundly grateful.

We love hearing from booksellers and librarians and very much look forward to a conversation!

✼ the improbable:

from Issue, No. 1 (Time Indefinite), “Dick Higgins, Publisher: Notes Toward a Reassessment of the Something Else Press Within a Small Press History” by Matvei Yankelevich: “To find connections between poetry, small press publishing, and the art scene of the early 1960s, one may look no further than Higgins’ own network.”


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