Our reading period is currently closed. I am not able to answer any questions with regards to prospective submissions, nor can any exceptions be made to review queries before a new reading period is announced. To find out when the next reading will be, sign up for the mailing list. Perhaps next year.

For the future, Siglio is interested in queries for book-length image-text works, literary-visual “hybrids” of various kinds and artist-writer collaborations (in English or in translation) that push on the boundaries of form, that experiment, that cannot be easily defined or categorized.

Please familiarize yourself with Siglio’s editorial affinities by navigating the website, and better, by reading Siglio books. This will give you a much clearer idea of Siglio’s commitment to the uncategorizable, to eclectism and to the margins.

Siglio books vary widely, but here are some of the kinds of things that are within Siglio’s editorial purview:

— innovative works of fiction/prose with integral (not necessarily illustrative) visual elements and/or typographic play and/or that use the space/shape of the book in an unusual way;

— visual art works that use language or text as physical or substantive material, and/or have a sustained engagement with narrative or some kind of unusual, non-explicative literary component;

— graphic novels or comics that expand or depart from the genre substantially;

— artist’s or altered books that depend on image and text (and could be converted to a trade edition).

Once a new open reading period is announced, new guidelines will be posted. (All queries will be read by me—there is no staff to filter and sort—so I will not be able to be as generous as I would like by responding individually to confirm the receipt of your query, to report on its status or to give any feedback.)

I do greatly appreciate the time and energy it takes to prepare a query and greatly appreciate not only your interest in Siglio but also entrusting me with your work.

—Lisa Pearson, publisher

✼ @sigliopress:

Yes, for the foreseeable future, any ongoing catastrophe metaphor applies: tsunami, fire, mudslide, earthquake, aftershock. Indie publishing is never for the faint-hearted. Now, it requires superpowers. Meanwhile, I have a drugstore umbrella, knee-high wellies and a spade.


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