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While the subscription series is on hold, we encourage you to support Siglio in other ways!

2021 was a year of unprecedented challenges. Despite paper shortages, production delays, and skyrocketing freight costs, Siglio managed to get four truly gorgeous and fascinating books on and off press. Two were released late 2021 — The Hotel by Sophie Calle and Rock of Eye by Troy Montes-Michie. Two more came out in Spring 2022 — What Is Now Known Was Once Only Imagined: An (Auto)biography of Niki de Saint Phalle by Nicole Rudick and Call and Response by Christian Marclay & Steve Beresford.

Now in 2023, we’re releasing just one book—I Will Keep My Soul by Helen Cammock—along with some occasional, small, likely ephemeral editions, perhaps a couple more issues of The Improbable and maybe, another thing or two. In the future, when there are more books in a single year, the Advocate subscription will resume.

In the meantime, if you’d like support Siglio (or continue your support), the best thing you can do is buy books as gifts (assuming your library of siglio books is complete!), splurge on a limited edition, or simply make a contribution. Everything/anything helps preserve Siglio’s the health and longevity, particularly as, post-pandemic, the world for small press publishing is arduous.

Since its inception fifteen years ago, Siglio has pursued publishing as an act of resistance to the literal, the authoritarian and the facile, valuing “the book” as refuge, dissent, beacon and nexus (see “On the Small and the Contrary”). However you choose to support this passion-driven mission, truly, thank you.



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I Will Keep My SoulHelen Cammock

Essays by Jordan Amirkhani and Andrea Andersson, a score by Roshanak Kheshti, story by Kristina Kay Robinson, afterword by Cameron Shaw, with excerpts from an interview by Courtney J. Martin


What Is Now Known Was Once Only ImaginedAn (Auto)biography of Niki de Saint PhalleNicole Rudick


Call and ResponseChristian Marclay, Steve Beresford


Rock of EyeTroy Montes-Michie

Essays by Andrea Andersson and Tina Campt, interview by Brent Hayes Edwards and afterword by Cameron Shaw


The HotelSophie Calle

Cover of The Hotel by Sophie Calle, Siglio.


“It Is What It Is”All the Cards Issued to Donald Trump, January 2017–January 2021Richard Kraft

✼ the improbable:

from Issue, No. 1 (Time Indefinite), “Dick Higgins, Publisher: Notes Toward a Reassessment of the Something Else Press Within a Small Press History” by Matvei Yankelevich: “To find connections between poetry, small press publishing, and the art scene of the early 1960s, one may look no further than Higgins’ own network.”


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