Affinities (The Siglio Blog)


Robert Seydel: “True aesthetic ambidexterity”

James Gibbons writes THE PARIS REVIEW DAILY: “One of the uncanny successes of Seydel’s art lies in the way his sophistication and erudition are everywhere in evidence[…]and yet he could fashion[…] a body of work that harnesses[…]the affecting strangeness and elemental power of naive art.”

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Suite Vénitienne: Intrusion of her own creation

“In her pursuit of strangers, Calle presents a kind of artistic Zeno’s paradox: the closer you get to someone else, the more you realize the distance separating you.” —Madeleine Schwartz in THE NY REVIEW OF BOOKS

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Dorothy Iannone: The purposeful collision of two

Kate Wolf writes in XTRA: “An evangelist for sexual pleasure and unmitigated female sexuality, Iannone’s bold embrace of sex and love in her work is matched by an equally if not more robust drive toward narrative construction and inventive forms of autobiography.”

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Dorothy Iannone: “What is she offering that we feel we need?”

Catherine Wagely writes in LA REVIEW OF BOOKS: “Because the book does not seem to be about but of Iannone, it presents an ideal opportunity to ask: Why does the 82-year-old artist feel so relevant and sage-like to women decades younger?”

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