The Improbable, No. 2: Time Is ElasticEditor’s Note by Lisa Pearson & Table of Contents

the improbable, 09/25/22

Originally published on the occasion of Siglio’s pop-up at the Museum of Modern Art store, November 2020. All rights reserved. © 2020 Siglio Press. More about The Improbable.

Dear Reader,

This is the second issue of The Improbable. As with the first issue, the invitations I extended to the writers, critics, and scholars were wholly open, and yet again, there is much serendipity among the marvelous works here. This issue seems to be a collection of summonings—our ghosts, ancestors, totems, touchstones, familiars. Many of these writings are also reckonings with—or, better, the embrace of—what cannot be known or seen, or fully ascertained. Rachel Valinsky, in “News from Home,” writes that Hanne Darboven’s inscrutable but highly disciplined writing/inscription “stages an ongoing affirmation of self, or of the capacity of the self to write, through and despite.” Through and despite are things we have all endeavored this last year in the face of this unrelenting, months-long uncertainty—as the coronavirus pandemic still rages and the clear results of an election are undermined by the outrageous mendacity of a sitting president. This little newsletter, I hope, offers some possibilities: “Exits exist,” writes Barbara Stauffenbacher Solomon.

—Lisa Pearson, publisher, Siglio Press

in this issue

(Anti)(Auto)Biography (on Niki de Saint Phalle)

Eureka: Notes on Nicolas Moufarrege and a Friendship


On the Violence of Archives

Communication After Refusal
(an excerpt from Blackspace: On the Poetics of an Afrofuture)

Barbara Stauffenbacher Solomon, Hidden in Plain Sight

Last Night in Peckham, 29th January, 2020

News from Home

see also

✼ natalie’s upstate weather report:

January 4, 2023 — Suddenly, not winter. At least for a day: sunny and an unseasonable 60 degrees. Some welcome light and warmth to offset the sadness of writing another remembrance. Two women hailed here at Siglio departed this earth at the end of 2022, a great, great loss. They couldn’t have been more different in so many ways—Bernadette and Dorothy—but both challenged the norms with gusto and persistence, also laughter and candor and insouciance, along with a little anarchy too. Nothing better than a meal with them, and of course, making a book that made them happy.


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