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• • •

Cards and the assembly of cards and boxes.

“It Is What It Is”: All the Cards Issued to Donald Trump with Cards
Richard Kraft
Signed and lettered edition of 26

This edition includes the five-volume set of “It Is What It Is” accompanied by a set of eight hand-painted cards, one of each color of cards in the books: yellow, red, magenta, purple, maroon (for Trump’s escalating transgressions), orange (for each reported instance of Trump playing golf), pink (for those who played with him), lime (for the reported cases of COVID in the White House), dark blue (“fuck you as you go” for those leaving or fired from the administration), and teal (for acts of resistance). The cards are initialed by the artist on the back and housed in a embossed, oversized match box. Released 2021.

• • •

A selection of the individual prints in this edition.

Each Day in July (Memory)
Bernadette Mayer
Signed and numbered edition of 31, with 2 AP sets of prints

In July 1971, Bernadette Mayer embarked on an experiment: For one month she exposed a roll of 35mm film and kept a daily journal. The result was a conceptual work that investigates the nature of memory, its surfaces, textures and material. Memory is both monumental in scope (over 1100 photographs, two hundred pages of text and six hours of audio recording) and a groundbreaking work by a poet who is widely regarded as one of the most innovative writers of her generation. Presaging Mayer’s durational and constraint-based diaristic works of poetry, it also evinces her extraordinary—and unheralded—contribution to conceptual art.

This edition is unusual in that each giclée print, signed and numbered is a different image: one image from each day’s entry in July 1971 was selected by the author and publisher to correspond with its number in the edition, e.g. July 1 is 1/31, July 14 is 1/14, etc. No two are alike. Each unique print is 6  × 9 inches on Museo Portfolio Rag, 300 gsm, signed by the artist, and housed in vellum envelope adhered to inside cover of the first edition of the book, stamped as a limited edition. Released 2020.

• • •

The image printed in this edition.

Stomachion (Square Octagon Circle)
Ellie Ga
Signed and numbered edition of 25

Apparently in the 13th century, a Christian monk had run out of parchment, and the last surviving copy of Archimedes’ writing was used to make a prayer book. Each of the sheets was unbound and cut into pieces before the parchment was washed clean and written over. But the erasure was incomplete. X-rays have now revealed the lost mathematical texts of Archimedes. This includes the Stomachion which describes a dissection puzzle that divides a square into fourteen pieces. The same fourteen pieces, through rotations and substitutions, can be assembled into thousands of permutations.
—Ellie Ga

This signed and numbered edition of 25 is a giclée print of a Stomachion arrangement in which Ga layers transparent images of the Mediterranean seabed and fragments of the Pharos Lighthouse that remain there. Each print measure 5 1/2 × 5 3/8 inches including a 1/4 inch border, printed on Museo Portfolio Rag, 300 gsm, and housed in an archival glassine envelope adhered to the inside cover of a signed and numbered first edition of Square Octagon Circle, stamped as a Siglio edition. Released 2018.

• • •

The front and back of one “Dear Reader” letter.

A Letter from Jane Doe (Frail Sister)
Karen Green
Signed and numbered edition of 25

Artist-writer Karen Green has made twenty-five different works, each appropriating a real letter from World War II, transforming it into a unique “Dear Reader” letter signed by “Jane Doe,” as if a missive from the book Frail Sister directly to the reader. With a particular kind of alchemy, Green takes the quotidian artifact and locates its essence, heightening the poetry, poignancy or humor.

Sizes and media vary for each. Letters may use ink, pencil, typewriter, gouache, watercolor, collage and/or other media. Each letter is housed in a vellum envelope adhered to a signed and numbered first edition of the book. Released 2018.

• • •

Four of the twenty-five original collages.

Remnants (Here Comes Kitty)
Richard Kraft
Signed and numbered edition of 25

Artist Richard Kraft has created twenty-five different, original postcard collages, many using source materials from Here Comes Kitty: A Comic Opera. Each collage embodies Kraft’s playful subversions, like a miniature missive from a world constantly in flux, rich with dark humor and its own revelatory nonsense.

A single collage (approx. 4 × 6 inches) is housed in a vellum envelope is inserted into a hardback first edition of Here Comes Kitty: A Comic Opera which Kraft has signed and numbered. Released 2015.

• • •

Two of the twenty-five original collages.

Stamp Portraits (Bough Down)
Karen Green
Signed and numbered edition of 25

For the occasion of the publication of her first book Bough Down, artist Karen Green made twenty-five different, original miniature collages made from salvaged pages from books and diaries, antiquated stamps, pencil shavings, ink and wax. Each collage, approx. 2.5 × 3.75 inches is housed in a vellum envelope and inserted into a hardback first edition of Bough Down which Green has signed and numbered. Released 2013.

• • •

Three of the original Tantric paintings.

Pure Consciousness (Tantra Song)
Edition of 25, with a stamped and numbered colophon

Each authentic Tantric painting is a unique rendering of the “pure consciousness” motif from the Tantric visual lexicon. Made in 2010 by one tantrika specifically for this edition, each painting is a different interpretation of the motif, using traditional media and found paper. Sizes vary, but all are approximately 6.5″ x 8.5″. Each painting is housed in a paper portfolio and slip-cased with the first edition of Tantra Song. As tantrikas work anonymously, the edition includes a stamped and numbered colophon. Released 2011.

• • •

Front and back of one original collage.

One-Offs (Book of Ruth)
Robert Seydel
Stamped and numbered edition of 25

This special hardback edition is bound with a beautiful dark blue cloth embossed with the title Book of Ruth. Inside, an original “one-off” which Seydel liked to call the collages he made with a minimum of “moves” is housed in a vellum envelope adhered to the inside cover. While the edition was issued posthumously (hence the stamp), Seydel made these collages specifically for this edition in late 2010. They were found on his desk in a box, with a note to publisher Lisa Pearson, as he intended to send them soon. Robert Seydel died of a heart attack on January 26, 2011. Released 2011.

• • •

All six translucent maps in a stack.

Map upon Map (Everything Sings: Maps for a Narrative Atlas)
Denis Wood
Edition of 25, signed and numbered, and 5 AP

This collection of six Boylan Heights maps from Everything Sings: Maps for a Narrative Atlas, each a 8 1/4 × 10 1/2 inches giclée print on vellum, is contained in a hand-crafted, foil-stamped portfolio and slipcased with the book. The edition illuminates not only the individual beauty of six selected maps (Squirrel Highways, Fences, Police Calls, Wind Chimes, Autumn Leaves and Graffitti) but also their interconnectedness as their translucency allows for information and design to be layered in multiple ways. The edition is signed and numbered by Denis Wood. There are five artist’s proofs. Released 2010.

• • •

A grid of nine Paris metro ticket collages.

Paris Metro Tickets (Several Gravities)
Keith Waldrop
Signed and numbered edition of 30

Selected for the occasion of the publication of Several Gravities, these one-of-a-kind miniature collages by Keith Waldrop use the small Paris metro ticket as his canvas. He makes these collages each time he returns from France with a pocket full. A glassine envelope inside the first hardback edition houses the collage. The books are stamped as limited editions, signed and numbered by Waldrop. Released in 2009.

✼ not stones, not stale bread:

The book object. Object as aim. Object as thing. “In committing himself to book-objects, Dick Higgins confronted object status . . . the objectification of the creative act and the rise of art as a commodity object.” Call It Something Else at the Reina Sofia through January 22, 2024, curated by Alice Centamore and Christian Xatrec.


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