Bernadette Mayer’s Memory | Memory as VariousTime & Space Limited, Sunday, April 21st at 2 p.m.

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detail from July 23, 1971 in Memory by Bernadette Mayer

To celebrate Siglio’s new printing of Bernadette Mayer’s Memory, Time & Space Limited is screening a special moving-image presentation of Memory (created for the Museum of Modern Art in 2019) on Sunday, April 21 at 2 p.m.

In July 1971, Bernadette Mayer embarked on an experiment: For one month she shot a roll of 35mm each day and kept a journal. The result was a conceptual work—comprised of over 1100 photographs and two hundred pages of text—that investigates the nature of memory, its surfaces, textures and material. Memory elicits the mercurial, fleeting consciousness of the present moment from which memory is—as Mayer writes—“always there, to be entered, like the world of dreams or an ongoing TV show.”

Excerpting Mayer’s original 1972 audio with images from the book, this 35-minute iteration of Memory projects her voice, language and eye on screen for a very different sensory experience. Additionally, Mayer’s daughter Marie Warsh will elucidate Memory and its shapeshifting since 1972. Warsh will also converse with Grace Murphy who was witness to, participant in, and a subject of Mayer’s experimental record, in order to plumb Memory, “memory” and memories.

TSL is located at 434 Columbia St, Hudson, NY 12534. Tickets $10 / members $8. More about Mayer and Memory here.

Can’t get upstate? Join us for our celebratory reading in Brooklyn.

detail from July 22, 1971 in Memory by Bernadette Mayer

Marie Warsh is a historian, writer, and the co-director of the Estate of Rosemary Mayer. She has helped to organize numerous exhibitions of Mayer’s work and has edited several books, including Excerpts from the 1971 Journal of Rosemary Mayer (2016 & 2020), Temporary Monuments: Work by Rosemary Mayer, 1977-1982 with Max Warsh (2018), and The Letters of Bernadette and Rosemary Mayer with Gillian Sneed (2022). She is also the deputy director at Soft Network, an emerging non-profit organization focused on artist legacies.

Grace Murphy has been variously employed as a freelance writer, health care administrator, educational consultant, computer programmer, college teacher, psychotherapist, and cook. She and Bernadette began their lifelong friendship when they were both students at St. Saviour High School and found that they had each won their respective borough’s competitions for writing a  “Little Miss Hot Spot” essay on fire prevention.

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“In my opinion, genre is a way of speaking about conventions of reading and looking, where you sit or stand and whether you’re allowed to talk to other people or move around while you’re communing with an object or text.”  —Lucy Ives, from her interview with Karla Kelsey in Feminist Poetics of the Archive at Tupelo Quarterly


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