Beresford Signing at the Small Publishers Fair in LondonSaturday, October 29, 1–4 pm

A little celebration of Call and Response hosted by Bookartbookshop—with fizz!

events, 10/05/22

Come celebrate Call and Response with Steve and Bookartbookshop!

The Small Publishers Fair is located at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL (tube: Holborn). It runs Friday, October 27–Saturday, October 28, 11 am–7 pm

Above: score by Steve Beresford and image by Christian Marclay from Call and Response

p.s. Truly, there is nothing like Bookartbookshop in London or anyone like Tanya Peixoto whose imagination, generosity and intelligence makes this little corner shop like a trip to a new planet (my last comparison was with a universe—so not to diminish the shop but rather invoke something slightly more precise).

And oh, how I wish I could go back to the Small Publishers Fair this year! I’ve been once, and uninformed American that I am, I felt—as I approached a centuries-old community building with “Ethical Society” over the front doors for the first time—I might encounter a meeting of old biddies tsk-tsking the still unrepaired lamp post down the road. Instead, there was an extraordinary bzzzzing. I later learned that Conway Hall was founded in 1886 as “a  haven for the radicals, political and social reformers and freethinkers,” and thus the perfect place to celebrate books made by the renegades. If you’re in London, really, don’t miss going.

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“Not an object or a text but a name, a spirit: Jean Brown … The name ‘Jean Brown’ itself was, for me, the conduit of Howe’s “mystic, documentary telepathy.” When her name appeared on a citation, I sensed that this object or book had been carefully selected, cared for, considered, held.”


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