about siglio


What is Siglio?


Siglio is an independent press dedicated to publishing uncommon books and editions that live at the intersection of art & literature: inimitable, visionary works by renowned as well as little known artists and writers that defy categories and thoroughly engage a reader’s intellect and imagination.

Siglio was founded in 2008 in Los Angeles by Lisa Pearson, and it’s now located in the Hudson River Valley in New York.

You can read the Siglio manifesto “On the Small & Contrary,” (originally published in the American Book Review) as well as interviews by Steve Heller on IMPRINT, by Thomas Evans (part one and part two) on Artbook.com, and more at The Believer Logger, Essay Daily, and VIDA: Women in the Literary Arts.

There’s video about Siglio at the Los Angeles Review of the Books and recent podcast interviews at Cross-Cultural Poetics with Leonard Schwartz (scroll down for episode #347) and at The How and the Why.


What does “siglio” mean?


Look it up in the dictionary.


Where can I buy Siglio books?


Siglio trade titles and limited editions are available here on the website. Every order contributes to our fiercely independent mission, so with every order you get a little gift: the current edition of Siglio ephemera to thank you for your support.

Excellent independent, museum, and contemporary art center bookstores across the U.S. as well as abroad stock Siglio books, too. Here’s a list of some of our favorite stores that regularly carry Siglio titles. You can also find your local retailer on the D.A.P. distributor website: www.artbook.com.

Bookstores and other retailers interested in stocking Siglio titles can place an order directly with DAP/Artbook by calling 800-338-2665. Email us at publisher (at) sigliopress (dot) com if you’d like to be on our “favorite stores” list.


What are others saying about Siglio?



While Siglio is truly dedicated to books as artifacts in an era when they can take a multitude of pageless forms, the press’s higher calling is to make available uncommon books by authors whose work resides somewhere between the literary and visual arts. By doing so, Siglio opens the door between the two disciplines, creating a space in which readers inevitably discover something unexpected. . . . Siglio books not only invigorate the reading experience, they also inspire the writing itself.


In 2008, Lisa Pearson published her first book under the imprint of Siglio Press, an independent publisher based in Eagle Rock that insists on the beauty and viability of print . . .  Her operating principle is a simple one: to think about the book as object, to focus on design as well as content, to demand a space for physical books in a culture that seems obsessed with other things. Read more.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: “Future of Reading” by David Ulin

At a garage studio in Eagle Rock, Lisa Pearson is publishing books with the skill of a craftsman, framing the printed word as a work of art. . . . Her books offer a three-dimensional experience. Their physicality is part of their function; they are meant to be held as well as read. Read more.