Square Octagon Circle Limited Edition

Ellie Ga

In Square Octagon Circle, Ellie Ga writes:

Apparently in the 13th century, a Christian monk had run out of parchment, and the last surviving copy of Archimedes’ writing was used to make a prayer book. Each of the sheets was unbound and cut into pieces before the parchment was washed clean and written over. But the erasure was incomplete. X-rays have now revealed the lost mathematical texts of Archimedes.

This includes the Stomachion which describes a dissection puzzle that divides a square into fourteen pieces. The same fourteen pieces, through rotations and substitutions, can be assembled into thousands of permutations.

This print features one of Ga’s stomachion arrangements in which she layers transparent images of the Mediterranean seabed and fragments of the Pharos Lighthouse that remain there.

Please note: price rises as availability decreases.