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A little about Call and Response by Christian Marclay and Steve Beresford

Due to supply chain issues, this book will now be released in Spring 2022, but 2021 Advocates will get their copy of this book in December.

Known for his ability to locate music and sound in the most unexpected contexts, artist Christian Marclay began photographing the emptied London streets when the world shut down in the spring of 2020. He found the quiet—the absence of all the city sounds—both haunting and peaceful. On his daily walks, he began to imagine that there might be music in the landscape. He snapped a photo of an iron gate adorned with decorative white balls as it reminded him of a musical score. He sent it to his friend, the composer Steve Beresford, and asked: “How would this sound on the piano?” Steve responded a few hours later with a recording. He took more photographs which inspired more music. This volume, reminiscent in shape and material to a music composition book, presents twenty calls (photographs) and twenty responses (scores). In his introduction, Marclay writes, “I realized that all my pictures were of enclosures: gates, fences, windows, closed stores. A view of the world behind barriers.” Their dialogue in image and sound breaks through those barriers, connecting across a locked-down city, reflecting the world at-large and the imagination within.