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2021 was a year of unprecedented challenges. Despite paper shortages, production delays, and skyrocketing freight costs, Siglio managed to get four truly gorgeous and fascinating books on and off press. Two were released late last year — The Hotel by Sophie Calle and Rock of Eye by Troy Montes-Michie — and two more in 2022 — What Is Now Known Was Once Only Imagined: An (Auto)biography of Niki de Saint Phalle by Nicole Rudick and Call and Response by Christian Marclay & Steve Beresford. The next titles release in 2023, so this subscription plan is a great way to get caught up on all of the new books while supporting the press.

Why subscribe? Not only do Advocates get benefits — free shipping and a substantial discount for this year’s books, 30% off purchases of in-print backlist titles and 20% off limited edition orders of $250 — Advocates make a direct contribution to Siglio’s the health and longevity, particularly now when the odds are stacked against small press publishing. A subscription is a vote of confidence. A subscription says: Yes! To readers who are drawn to books that are deeply resistant to algorithms, easy categorization, and seven-word tag lines. Yes! To books by artists and writers that are truly risk-taking and worth taking the risk for.

Since its inception fourteen years ago, Siglio has pursued publishing as an act of resistance to the literal, the authoritarian and the facile, valuing “the book” as refuge, dissent, beacon and nexus (see “On the Small and the Contrary”). Siglio Advocates are essential to our ability to continue this passion-driven mission, so thank you for subscribing.

Lisa Pearson, publisher

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