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September 5th, 2015


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Female artists don’t just stay in their disciplines; we experience, we forage, we play. —Eileen Myles

As a part of our advocacy for the work of women artists and writers, Siglio has created this feminist portal to serve as an open resource, repository and platform for all kinds of creative work by women. If you would like to know more about Siglio’s commitment to a feminist ethos you can visit our resource page dedicated to our female-authored titles.

This portal is intended as a sprawling, diverse collection of material related to women in the arts, all organized by surprising categories that ask the reader to reorient entirely. Intended as a mechanism for expansion rather than prescription, these categories (alphabetical—A-H, I-P, Q-Z) rearrange information in unexpected ways, promoting heterodoxy, embracing contradiction and repetition, injecting a little chaos, and depending absolutely on collaboration.

We hope to update every few weeks (with your help!), so we’ll list new categories (just below) as they post (as well as tweet them #femportal so follow @sigliopress to get current updates). Many of the categories will expand too (some have no entries at the moment) as we add more and more works to the portal—per your suggestions. We’re also keeping a list of important institutional resources. That’s at the very bottom of this page.

It’s important to note that while we describe this page as dedicated to the “work of women artists and writers,” we intend it to be a space inclusive of many experiences and identities, including those of queer, gender non-conforming, and trans individuals who may or may not identify as women but whose work deals with issues surrounding feminism and gender.

We’ve also begun to invite women artists, writers, critics, and thinkers whom we admire to curate lists which are featured first on this landing page while current and then integrated into the index of categories. You can also check the curated lists page which will organize these lists chronologically if you’d like to find another way into the portal. For the inauguration, we’ve included lists curated by artists Suzy Treister and Eve Luckring along with a list dear to Siglio’s heart—the contributors to It Is Almost That: A Collection of Image+Text Work by Women Artists and Writers.

Finally and crucially, we encourage you to contribute! Let us know about a specific project, series, work, excerpt or resource (an archive, tumblr), etc. that we can include (and it can be your own work!).  Also, please make (multiple) suggestions for whichever (unexpected) categories it might live within—the more unusual the better. If you see a category (or two) that needs some expansion, feel free to make suggestions that way, too.

To submit a suggestion please keep it simple:

—Email us here.

—Include a link to work that a reader can experience/read/engage (we won’t link to a general landing page or one that just references, describes or sells the work). Tell us the artist’s name and the name of the work/project/etc.

—Also include a list of possible categories (we may not use them all) or the category you want to expand.

—Do not provide supplemental information or a personal message (the portal’s running on an almost non-existent budget, so there’s no time except to process and post)!

Thank you very much for your interest, your participation, your contributions! We look forward to hearing from you.

—Googie Karrass & Lisa Pearson

p.s. If your work is a literary-visual hybrid species (i.e. it lives at the intersection of art and literature), we would welcome a query if you have a completed book-length project. Please follow our query guidelines, and we’ll look forward to receiving your submission.


Newly added categories

Beauty Rituals, Bees, Body Transformation, Blood, Book Interventions, Contigency, Cowgirls, Domestic Spaces & Time, The End(s) of the World, Eyes, Falling, Flower Constancy, Hands, The Holographic Universe, Hypertext Gateways, Interactions with Cartoons, Inheritance(s), Inversions, It Is Almost That (Contributors), “Illegalized” Peoples and Border Crossings, Labor/Production/Servitude, Limits & Excesses of Language, Lost & Found, Membranes, Mapping, Motherhood, Mirrors, Negative Space, The Perishable, Persona & Performance, Personal Icons, Pierce/Strike/Cut, Pink, Postcolonial Agency, Repurposings, Rootlessness, Sex & the Internet (Porn), Sound, Speculative Fictions & Futures, Starwave, Surveillance, Teen Years, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Feminist, Traces & Ghosts, Translation, Voice, War, Warped Interpretations & Adaptions, Window(s), Wonderland, Youth


Featured Curated Lists


Holographic Universe by Suzanne Treister


A category which reconsiders and recontextualises the whole of art history and art production in all forms and at all levels of professionalism; from cave painting through the Renaissance, to modernism and contemporary art, including so called primitive, outsider and psychedelic art; forgetting everything ever written down through the ages by academics, art critics, art historians and the artists themselves; looking beyond these constructions to what all artists may have always unwittingly been attempting to depict, to greater or lesser success, from within the prevailing mindsets of their own space and time…the Holographic Universe.

Artemisia Gentileschi, ‘Judith slaying Holofernes’, 1614-20
Susan Hiller, ‘Resounding (ultraviolet)’, 2014
Sonia Delaunay, ‘Prismes électriques’, 1913-1914
Agnes Martin, Untitled, 1954
Eva Hesse, no title, c. 1963
Mary A. Stinson, ‘Crazy Quilt’, circa 1880
Olga Rykova, ‘Face of St Lucia’, 2013-2015
Marie Laurencin, ‘Le Bal élégant, La Danse à la campagne’, 1913
Hilma af Klint, ‘Evolution’, 1908



Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Feminist by Eve Luckring 


This is a collection of a very few of the many women who have inspired, challenged, and influenced my work, which questions the assumptions–and experiments with the boundaries–that define place, body, and habit.

Hopefully it is obvious by now that feminism is multi-faceted and fluid.  We come to our stances from a range of experiences, interconnected and interdependent, though not equal. Feminism is plural. Feminism is a cacophony. Feminism is a process.  I don’t know that we will ever arrive.

When the blackbird flew out of sight,
It marked the edge
Of one of many circles.

—Wallace Stevens

1. María Lugones, Pilgrimages/Peregrinajes
2. Lorine Niedecker, “I rose from marsh mud”; “When Ecstasy is Inconvenient”
3. O.Funmilayo Makarah, O.Funmilayo Makarah | UCLA Film & Television Archive
4. Yagi Mikajo, Commentaries 
5. Kuroda Momoko, I Wait for the Moon
6. Carmina Escobar, Massagem Sonora 
7. Jamaica Kincaid, At the Bottom of the River
8. Cornelia Parker, Artist’s page at New Hall, The Women’s Art Collection
9. Mady Schutzman, CalArts Selected Works 
10. Eija-Liisa Ahtila, If 6 Was 9 (1995), Rakkaus on aarre AKA Love is a treasure (2002)
11. Chantal Ackerman, Je tu il elleJeanne Dielman, 23, Quai Du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles
12. Agnès Varda, Vagabond
13. Connie Samaras, Artist’s website



It Is Almost That (Contributors) by Lisa Pearson


I’ve included works here by all of the contributors to Siglio’s 2011 It Is Almost That: A Collection of Image+Text Work by Women Artists & Writers. Some of the works below are included in the book; many (most) are not. The afterword can be read in full here, but briefly this a collection of works that are category-defiant, media and genre expansive, by artists and writers who one may not usually find in the same place. The idea is brush works against each other to create new and different conversations.

Eleanor Antin, Selected Works
Bambanani Women’s Group, Body Maps
Fiona Banner, Intermission
Louise Bourgeois, MoMA: Collected Works
Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, UC Berkeley Library’s Archive
Cozette De Charmoy, Artist’s Website
Ann Hamilton, Indigo Blue – Books II
Jane Hammond, Fallen
Susan Hiller, Dedicated to Unknown Artists
Dorothy Iannone, The Darling Duck
Bhanu Kapil, Text to Complete a Text
Alison Knowles, Alison Knowles
Ketty La Rocca, The you has already started at the border of my I
Bernadette Mayer, Experiments 
Adrian Piper, Collected Work on Artist’s Website
Charlotte Salomon, Leben? oder Theater?
Geneviéve Seillè, Figure with Telescope
Molly Springfield, This Document 
Cole Swensen, Five Landscapes
Suzanne Treister, Hexen 2.0
Erica Van Horn, Artist’s Website
Laurie Clark, Gut
Carrie Mae Weems, From Here I Saw What Happened and I Cried
Hannah Weiner, UC San Diego Archives
Sue Williams, Collected Works
Unica Zürn, Siglio’s Short Biography




Institutional Resources

The Sackler Center for Feminist Art
Momentum, Rutgers
Archive of Digital Art
Audible Women
Video Data Bank; Feminism
CLARA Database of Women Artists
Contemporary Women Artists on the Web
Women Artists Archives National Directory
Women in Electronic Music List
Feminist Art Manifestos compiled by N.Paradoxa