What does Siglio mean?


Look it up in the dictionary.


Do you take submissions?


We do, but not right now.

Our open reading period is now closed. Because we have a minute staff, we are not able to respond to any correspondence regarding prospective queries or submissions.

To read more about Siglio’s editorial interests, the query process, and to see what the guidelines are, click here. Sign up for our mailing list to get an announcement about the next reading open reading period.

Thank you truly for your interest in Siglio.


Where can I buy Siglio books?


Right here. And every order receives the current edition of siglio ephemera for free. It’s a little thank you for your support: every direct order contributes to our fiercely independent mission.

Excellent independent, museum and contemporary art center bookstores across the country and abroad stock Siglio books, too. Here’s a list of some of our favorite stores. You can also find your local retailer on the D.A.P. distributor website: www.artbook.com.


How can I return a book?


We want you to love your Siglio books. If you don’t, you can return it—it must be in pristine condition, accompanied by the original packing slip and sent to our mailing address in Los Angeles within 30 days of purchase. Please go to the Ordering Books page for (easy) instructions. (If you didn’t buy it directly from us, you’ll have to return it the place of its original purchase.)


What’s the difference between a trade edition and a limited edition?


Trade editions are just regular books. They are mass-produced (though in Siglio’s case our print runs generally range from small to modest), i.e. printed offset, machine bound, etc.  That said, our ambition with each Siglio book is to make something that stands out from the regular, the generic, and the predictable.

Limited editions are special, very small editions (in Siglio’s case, no more than a hundred copies, sometimes as few as 20), each made with some kind of creative, human intervention and the touch of the hand. Some of our limited editions are artist multiples, like hand-pulled lithographs (Spero, Brainard) or a gicleé prints (Ellie Ga’s and Bernadette Mayer’s photos, Everything Sings portfolio of maps, Jess’s Finds of the Fortnight cards); others are original and singular works of art, sometimes made as a series (Waldrop’s Metro Tickets, the Tantra Song paintings) or sometimes just speak to the book (Seydel’s Ruth collages, Green’s drawings). And in other cases, they are a parallel endeavor to the book, like the It Is Almost That (Box). You can browse the limited editions here, or download a prospectus.


Some helpful links on the site:

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