Categories for the Uncategorizable


February 21st, 2021

Siglio’s mission is to publish the uncategorizable, works that live in the spaces in between art and literature, works that cannot be contained or easily defined. So many of them inhabit multiple categories or live adjacent to them. Siglio books exalt impurity, heterodoxy, ambiguity, and contradiction, so every book appears multiple times and none is a neat fit, all of them could also be in categories like “subversions.” (In print titles are included below. Out-of-print titles are listed at the bottom.)

Archives + Acts of Collecting

Artist’s Books (published as an artist’s book, or includes previously published artist’s books)

Autobiography + Memoir + Artist’s Writings

Conceptual Art + Fluxus + Related


Comics (appropriated/altered) + Comics-Related

Feminist Works (not simply works by women)

Fictional Constructs

Graphic + Visual Narratives (Fiction + Non-Fiction)

History + Politics + Political Satire




Out of Print