Welcome to The Improbable, a review of unusual, hybrid books


March 11th, 2015


We are excited to announce the launch of The Improbable, a highly curated, monthly collection of short reviews written by booksellers for booksellers about unusual and wondrous books that live at the intersection of art and literature published by adventurous small presses across the country.

The Improbable is an extension of Siglio’s mission to cultivate wider audiences for the kind of uncategorizable, literary-visual hybrid works that often get lost in that corporate machinery and mainstream media din. The reviews are written by booksellers and staff at independent bookstores as well as at museum, contemporary art and specialty stores, who have an insatiable love for books and appreciate what a book can be beyond a simple delivery device for words.

We created The Improbable to instigate a chain reaction that ends with readers discovering an unusual book at their local bookstore and daring to buy there rather than on Amazon. That choice, on the part of the reader, to pay just a few more dollars promotes a different value system in which books are not considered simply a commodity at the lowest possible price and authors, publishers and bookstores are encouraged to take risks with work that has the tenacity to work outside of the traditional paradigms.

Ultimately, The Improbable aims to unite booksellers, publishers and artist/writers on this common front so that these wonderfully unwieldy works can find the readership they deserve.


Issue 1  features books by Ed Sanders, Amarnath Ravva, Claudia Rankine, Susan Howe, Ray Johnson, and Dorothy Iannone reviewed by contributors Kate Garber, Emily Ballaine, Kasia Bartoszynska, Anna Zalokostas, John Gibbs, and Kate Eelman on .

In Issue 2 books by Emily Dickinson, Karen Green, Caroline Bergvall, Moyra Davey, Ryan Thompson & Phil Orr and Elad Lassry are reviewed by contributors Herbert Pfostl, Emily Pullen, Clara Sankey, Sarah Gagnon, and Jenn Witte.

In Issue 3 read about books by authors Robert Seydel, Anne Carson, Zoe Beloff, Christian Hawkey in reviews by Ryan Mihaly, John Gibbs, Sarah Gagnon, Matt Carney and Kasia Bartoszynska.


You can read more about The Improbable on our FAQ page. Also, check out an interview with Lisa Pearson in Moby Lives. There are also updates and more @thehybridbook.


Featured Bookstores
192 Books (NYC)
Green Apple Books (San Francisco)
New Museum Store (NYC)
Odyssey Bookshop (South Hadley, MA)
Papercuts, JP (Jamaica Plains, MA)
Seminary Co-op Bookstore (Chicago)
Skylight Books (Los Angeles)
WORD (Brooklyn)

Featured Publishers
Christine Burgin
Dancing Foxes Press
Granary Books
Graywolf Press
The Ice Plant
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