Nocturne (for R.S.) and A Ghost Card for Robert

Affinities, Robert Seydel

October 19th, 2011



What do you see when you see a dress sounding in
deep indigo, a head made of text, a paper halo torn
about the head.

What do you see when you see the shape of a hare
and a galaxy, a river and some rushes, when you see
the outline of hare and its positive adrift.

What do you see when you read from left to right, a
cartoon boy on a cartoon lawn, arms outstretched,
when you see the word SUN in block capitals over
there, a shaft of whiteout above the hare leaping into
an inked heart into a ghost boy into a green ray into

You’ll see the red and blue shift, you’ll see orbiting
patterns, and now you see a woman buried in sepia
with child.

There is also a yellow star of construction paper, and
on it, a handwritten plus or a sign, the number 2 in
red ink, illustrations.

And what do you see when you see anatomical tubes
spilling paint into diaphanous patterns becoming a
page becoming a book, a wry smile, a dead man, a
spectacled creature and silver temples, a scuffing of
smoke above a magical head.

An excerpt from NOCTURNE (FOR R.S.) by RICHARD KRAFT



On October 21, 2011 at Printed Matter in New York City, artist Richard Kraft and poet Peter Gizzi will have a conversation, moderated by BOMB senior editor Mónica de la Torre, about Robert Seydel, his work, process, and influences. (The conversation begins at 6:30 p.m.) More about Robert Seydel’s Book of Ruth can be found at the Siglio website and here on the Siglio blog including an interview and a window into his library and reading.


Nocturne (for R.S.) is a grid of 108 works on paper, currently on display as part of the installation Something With Birds In It by Richard Kraft, at the Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles.

“A Ghost Card for Robert” appears in the book Threshold Songs by Peter Gizzi, Wesleyan University Press, 2011.

All works copyrighted.

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