Memory Limited Edition

Bernadette Mayer

In July 1971, Bernadette Mayer embarked on an experiment: For one month she exposed a roll of 35mm film and kept a daily journal. The result was a conceptual work that investigates the nature of memory, its surfaces, textures and material. Memory is both monumental in scope (over 1100 photographs, two hundred pages of text and six hours of audio recording) and a groundbreaking work by a poet who is widely regarded as one of the most innovative writers of her generation. Presaging Mayer’s durational and constraint-based diaristic works of poetry, it also evinces her extraordinary—and unheralded—contribution to conceptual art.

This limited edition selects one image from each day in July and reproduces it as a 6×9 archival ink jet print, so no two are alike. The number of the edition corresponds with the date, e.g. 1/31 contains one image from the July 1 sequence; 2/31 contains an image from July 2, etc. Requests for a specific image cannot be granted. Images above are samples.