Finds of the Fortnight



Nine collages from “Finds of the Fortnight” by the artist Jess, reproduced for a Siglio limited edition.


In 1960 American collage artist Jess sent thirty-five collages to the filmmaker Lawrence Jordan. They arrived in an envelope with no note, but several week earlier Jess had commented to Jordan, “You need more subtitles in your films.” This limited edition reproduces the entire set of collages which show a different facet of Jess’s art but nevertheless evince his particular brand of playfulness, sense of humor, and compositional dexterity with both word and image. Each collage is printed in color with archival ink on gorgeous handmade Japanese paper so that reading and arranging (and rearranging) is a visual as well as tactile joy. The set is loose (the collages vary in size) inside a dark purple cloth-bound half-clam shell box, foil-stamped “Finds of the Fortnight.”

The limited edition was created in connection with Siglio’s 2012 publication O! Tricky Cad & Other Jessoterica.

Please note that, as with all Siglio limited editions and artist multiples, the price increases as availability decreases.