Karen Green: The Willful Ignorance Project, cont.


March 11th, 2014


Karen Green 2014

Artwork by Karen Green, 2014. All rights reserved.




Opening reception March 15, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.


From the gallery press release:

After her last show of paintings accompanying the release of the critically acclaimed Bough Down, Karen Green returns for her sixth solo exhibition at SPACE since 2009. The artist is back to collage and mixed media on paper, and with her characteristic delicacy and meticulousness she creates lush tapestries – some reminiscent of vibrant, exotic textiles, while others look like illustrated manuscripts, inhabited by characters from fractured fairy tales. The work is also infused with her characteristic off-beat dark humor, playfulness, and yet another invitation to a scavenger hunt.

The “Willful Ignorance” in the title is both about the sensory deprivation that we might impose on ourselves so we may become more attuned to our other senses, as well as the coping mechanisms we devise to help us keep going. The series was begun with the idea of representing fairy tale denizens engaged in everyday activities while blindfolded: dancing, painting, snake-handling, looking at maps. Green then went on to experiment with drawing and writing while blindfolded, and utilize the results in making the more abstracted layered collages.

This show will thrill Green’s loyal fans and collectors, and will doubtless win over new ones, as she continues to prove herself an entrancing storyteller in both image and prose.

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