Here Comes Kitty: cosmic, buoyant and palimpsestic visions

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May 1st, 2015

Here Comes Kitty: A Comic Opera



Originally published March, 27, 2015



Not just kitty, but a whole bestiary of odd creatures comes out to prance around in Richard Kraft’s collaged “comic opera.” Using the panels from an old Polish anti-Nazi spy comic as a base from which to work, Kraft improvises a new and arcane storyline entirely his own, clipping out and pasting all manner of monkeys, gymnasts, gods and hot dogs over top of the espionage drama playing out beneath these manic assemblages. This genre of patchwork picture-stories stretches back to Max Ernst’s surrealist collage-novels – a pedigree that privileges unconscious associations more than linear narrative. Kraft’s book is duly dreamlike and mystical, excerpting text and imagery from biblical stories, Hindu iconography, found photos and children’s primers, and collapsing them all into palimpsestic visions and portmanteau people. The raucous paper opera is regularly “interrupted” with prose poem entr’actes by Danielle Dutton, before returning to its elaborate system of motifs and patterns, pitting sense against nonsense in a way that’s both cosmic and buoyantly childlike.

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