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January 7th, 2013


(Review) Between Page and Screen


Seen/Scene, Sheet, and Screen: Reading Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse’s Between Page and Screen



To read Between Page and Screen, one must go to the project’s website (www.betweenpageandscreen.com) and open the book’s pages towards the computer’s web cam, which in turn projects the poem (perhaps text is a better word) associated with that page against a screen of semi-translucent white, partially over the reader that holds the page herself. As soon as the black box of the page is no longer visible to the web camera, the text itself implodes or explodes—self-de-constructs—leaving only the reader. To read Between Page and Screen —both physically and psychically—is to open and share the page with the screen, and in doing so, have the screen expose and share something new, something hidden, something translated and reconfigured back to and onto the reader who is thus decidedly implicated. One not only reads the poems in Between Page and Screen, the poems between P and S, one is placed in the poems—literally between the book’s lovers P and S—so that the reader becomes not only witness to the lover, the beloved, and the space between them, but actually exists in that space between them. To get from page to screen, from P to S, the reader must pass through herself.

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