John Cage Diary: “Confusion brought to light”

Mary Mann writes in LA REVIEW OF BOOKS: “Whenever Diary gets down to details, Cage is more concerned with changing our reactions to the world than with changing the world itself. “

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Dorothy Iannone: “What is she offering that we feel we need?”

Catherine Wagely writes in LA REVIEW OF BOOKS: “Because the book does not seem to be about but of Iannone, it presents an ideal opportunity to ask: Why does the 82-year-old artist feel so relevant and sage-like to women decades younger?”

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Robert Seydel: Material bearing witness to imagination

Daniel Owen writes in HYPERALLERGIC: “Collage is homage, but also respiration. Seydel’s work reanimates the work of his forebears, who did the same for theirs, invigorating the tradition with unusual reverence and passion. “

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