From the Introduction to Not Nothing: Selected Writings by Ray Johnson

“Valery describes the language of poetry as ‘abrupt returns of the fruit to the wild state.’ I can’t think of a better description of Johnson’s work.”

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Excerpt from “A Ray Johnson Story” by Kevin Killian

“In Ray Johnson, how many times do you see the final words of his sentences, speeches, questions, adumbrated by white space or by the rumble of a new thought.”

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It Is Almost That

“The Humming State of Not-Quite-This-And-Not-Quite-That”

“It is almost that” evokes the humming state of the not-quite-this-and-not-quite-that, a state that conjures an awareness of what accepted categories cannot contain, what familiar taxonomies cannot order, what one medium cannot express, what a single language cannot circumscribe.

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On the Art of Robert Seydel and the Construction of “Ruth”

A stunning portrait of a woman for whom the distance between the ordinary and extraordinary, the ecstatic and the desolate, coherence and inscrutability, loneliness and embrace seems to collapse. She is, in the multiple layers of her construction, absolutely authentic.

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A kind of buzzing, eerie domesticity (on writing SPRAWL)

Danielle Dutton, author of SPRAWL: “To me this is a character-based book, a book about a woman who is totally awake to the world around her . . .”

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Jess: Master of the collage aesthetic

Jess filtered far-flung references through a self-described Romantic sensibility, one that valued the transforming power of the imagination above all else.

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