Book Excerpts

Everything Sings Denis Wood critical cartography

“So emotional, so personal, so idiosyncratic”

IRA GLASS writes in his introduction: “These maps are completely unnecessary. The world didn’t ask for them. They aid no navigation or civic-minded purpose. They’re just for pleasure. They laugh at the stupid Google map I consult five times a day on my phone.”

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Tantra Song: A silver lining to all that darkness

An excerpt from Bill Berkson’s interview with Franck André Jamme: “They were so simple, so powerful, so quietly and naturally abstract, so near, as well, to my own field. . . Poetry is so often like that, isn’t it?”

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It Is Almost That

It Is Almost That: Artist & Writer Biographies

Short biographies of the more than two dozen contributors to It Is Almost That: A Collection of Image+Text Work by Women Artists and Writers

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How a symbol of god comes alive next to a smudge or smear

LAWRENCE RINDER writes in his introduction to TANTRA SONG: “It’s precisely that ideal forms—forms plumbed from the depths of the mind, of the soul—need to co-exist with randomness and the emptiness of chance.”

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Fourteen Meditations on Torture of Women by Nancy Spero

Diana Nemiroff writes in her essay in Torture of Women, “How to make the obscenity of torture visible without becoming obscene is the paradox Spero must address…”

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