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Dorothy Iannone: Intimacy, censorship and the “total relationship with the beloved.”

Dorothy Iannone: “And now, in my super twilight years, I return to the inspiration of lovers who are not myself, although now I use my own words to narrate their history and to call attention to their exemplary loves.”

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A kind of buzzing, eerie domesticity (on writing SPRAWL)

Danielle Dutton, author of SPRAWL: “To me this is a character-based book, a book about a woman who is totally awake to the world around her . . .”

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Jess: Master of the collage aesthetic

Jess filtered far-flung references through a self-described Romantic sensibility, one that valued the transforming power of the imagination above all else.

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Everything Sings Denis Wood critical cartography

Denis Wood: Radical Geographer

Denis Wood’s four decades of work as a geographer and writer has directly influenced the creative, anarchic, and activist spirit of a new generation of artists, writers, experimental geographers, and others for whom mapmaking is very different tool than it once was.

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Book of Ruth: “Making the hand obey another’s psychology”

Said Robert Seydel in an interview with Savina Velkova: “Her mind and hand are my own, but amplified.”

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Between Page and Screen: Reading revolutionized (

In Buzz Poole’s interview with Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse, the conversation examines influences: Cendrars, H.D., Dieter Roth, Emmett Williams, et al

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