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About Bernadette Mayer

Bernadette Mayer (1945-) is an experimental poet and writer, and the author of over thirty books. While associated with the New York School, the Language poets, and the conceptual art movement, she is also renowned for her defiance of poetic conventions and associations.

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Dorothy Iannone: Intimacy, censorship and the “total relationship with the beloved.”

Dorothy Iannone: “And now, in my super twilight years, I return to the inspiration of lovers who are not myself, although now I use my own words to narrate their history and to call attention to their exemplary loves.”

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A kind of buzzing, eerie domesticity (on writing SPRAWL)

Danielle Dutton, author of SPRAWL: “To me this is a character-based book, a book about a woman who is totally awake to the world around her . . .”

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Jess: Master of the collage aesthetic

Jess filtered far-flung references through a self-described Romantic sensibility, one that valued the transforming power of the imagination above all else.

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Everything Sings Denis Wood critical cartography

Denis Wood: Radical Geographer

Denis Wood’s four decades of work as a geographer and writer has directly influenced the creative, anarchic, and activist spirit of a new generation of artists, writers, experimental geographers, and others for whom mapmaking is very different tool than it once was.

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Book of Ruth: “Making the hand obey another’s psychology”

Said Robert Seydel in an interview with Savina Velkova: “Her mind and hand are my own, but amplified.”

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