Women Artists & Hybrid Forms

Life? Or Theater? An abbreviated Charlotte Salomon biography

Life? or Theater, excerpted in It Is Almost That, traverses three generations of Salomon’s family history during the decline of the Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nazis.

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A kind of buzzing, eerie domesticity (on writing SPRAWL)

Danielle Dutton, author of SPRAWL: “To me this is a character-based book, a book about a woman who is totally awake to the world around her . . .”

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Book of Ruth: “Making the hand obey another’s psychology”

Said Robert Seydel in an interview with Savina Velkova: “Her mind and hand are my own, but amplified.”

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Two Halves: Unica Zürn

About Unica Zürn whose “House of Illnesses” is excerpted in It Is Almost That: A Collection of Image+Text Work by Women Artists & Writers

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Nancy Spero: Tongue, Torture and Free Rein by Catherine de Zegher

“An artist’s job is to articulate what might otherwise be incoherent.” —Nancy Spero

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It Is Almost That

It Is Almost That: In gray there is multiplicity

Eileen Myles writes at THE POETRY FOUNDATION: “Because the frame is image+text, we’re reminded that all of us generally do more. Female artists don’t just stay in their disciplines; we experience, we forage, we play.”

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