Women Artists & Hybrid Forms

Dorothy Iannone: “To give oneself and yet to remain free.”

Natalie Dunn writes in ENTROPY: “To fully realize its idiosyncrasies and moving portrayals of the quotidian, Iannone asks us to read and consider, to break into laughter, and to give in to moments of surprise.”

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Suite Vénitienne: “The parallel development of two selves”

David L. Ulin writes in THE LOS ANGELES TIMES: “The point is voyeurism…but it is also, and most essentially, an inquiry into the unbridgeable distances between us, the layers, the nuances, everything we cannot know.”

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Suite Vénitienne: amateur espionage, compulsive curiosity and real excitement

Megan Burbank writes in THE PORTLAND MERCURY: “it’s an immersive piece that, at the intersections of performance, photography, and surveillance, remains hugely influential 35 years later.”

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It Is Almost That

Work of Women Artists & Writers: Siglio Books and Resources

As a part of our commitment to publishing and advocating for women whose work—boundary-defiant and subversive—may be at the margins of mainstream arts and literary culture, Siglio has created this page devoted to the work of female artists and writers that we publish.

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Dorothy Iannone at the Berlinische Galerie: “This Sweetness Outside Of Time”

Since the 1960s Dorothy Iannone has been seen as a pioneering spirit against censorship and for free love and autonomous female sexuality. She continues to go her own way without compromise, artistically and conceptually.

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On publishing and gender inequality: Interview at Vida

Melinda Wilson interviews Lisa Pearson at VIDA: “The Count is a tonic to complacency, dispelling the notion that we will make progress without unambiguous action. It is a critical, multi-use tool: a disquisition with concrete impact. It’s about awareness and outrage, leverage and accountability, as well as about inspiration and activism.”

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