Three Books by

Ray Johnson


This bundle of three Ray Johnson publications from Siglio gets you 20% off the retail price (which would be about $110 for all three books). All three books will ship in late September (so you’ll be one of the first to get Frog Pond Splash).

The newest release is the gem-like Frog Pond Splash: Collages by Ray Johnson with Texts by William S. Wilson, with collages that span the many stages of Johnson’s work during his almost forty years of friendship with Wilson, paired with short, perspicacious excerpts of texts by Wilson (from both published and unpublished writings including Wilson’s manuscript on Ray Johnson). This small, gorgeous book is a collage-like homage to their friendship, a treasure chest of prismatic “correspondances,” as well as a satellite to the exhibition of Ray Johnson works from Wilson’s archive at the Art Institute of Chicago next year (Ray Johnson c/o, January 23 – March 23). Edited by Elizabeth Zuba, who also edited Not Nothing, below.

In 2014 Siglio also published Not Nothing: Selected Writings by Ray Johnson, 1954-1994, a lovingly curated collection of more than 200 mostly previously unpublished writings that New York Times critic Holland Cotter wrote: “crackles with intellectual energy, with enough drawings and mini-collages embedded in its reproduced texts to hold even a nonreader’s attention. Most important, it fills out the picture of what and who Johnson was: a brilliant, uncontainable polymath, an artist-poet, the genuine item.”

On the occasion of that publication, Siglio also published a facsimile edition of the rare and long out-of-print The Paper Snake, which was Dick Higgins’s second title published by the legendary Something Else Press (which exerts an enormous influence on what we do here at Siglio).