Siglio Advocate 2018

Four new books for our 10th year

by Mirtha Dermisache, Ellie Ga, Karen Green and Dick Higgins

Image above from Frail Sister by Karen Green.

In 2018 Siglio is celebrating its 10th year of fiercely independent publishing, driven by its feminist ethos and its commitment to artists and writers who obey no boundaries, pay no fealty to trends and invite readers to see the world anew by reading word and image in provocative, unfamiliar ways. Since its inception, Siglio has seen publishing itself as an act of resistance to the literal, the authoritarian and the facile (see the Siglio manifesto “On the Small and Contrary”).

We continue this mission in 2018 with a defiantly eclectic list by artists and writers—Mirtha Dermisache, Ellie Ga, Karen Green and Dick Higgins—who resist categorical distinctions, envisioning image, language and the space of the book in expansive and utterly imaginative ways.

When you sign up, you’ll get the first three books at the end of August, with the last book (Higgins) to follow in October.


Mirtha Dermisache: Selected Writings (March 2018)

Ellie Ga: Square Octagon Circle (September 2018)

Frail Sister by Karen Green (October 2018)

Intermedia, Fluxus, and the Something Else Press: Selected Writings by Dick Higgins (November 2018)


Higgins, as the publisher of Something Else Press, has had an enormous influence on Siglio and its mission, and we’ve been honored to reprint one of his first Something Else Press titles, The Paper Snake by Ray Johnson, as well as model our complete edition of Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse) by John Cage on his Great Bear Pamphlet publication of “Part III.” Our ephemera series is also inspired, in part, by the Great Bear Pamphlets and other Fluxus printed matter. Finally, Siglio is a fan of Alison Knowles (who, when Higgins proposed the name “Shirtsleeves Press,” said: “That’s no good. Why don’t you call it something else.”). Knowles’  “A House of Dust” appears as a excerpt in It Is Almost That: A Collection of Image+Text Work by Women Artists and Writers, and the complete text in the It Is Almost That (Box).


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