Siglio Advocate 2018

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New books by Mirtha Dermisache, Ellie Ga, Karen Green and Dick Higgins


In 2018 Siglio is celebrating its 10th year of fiercely independent publishing, driven by its feminist ethos and its commitment to artists and writers who obey no boundaries, pay no fealty to trends and invite readers to see the world anew by reading word and image in provocative, unfamiliar ways. Since its inception, Siglio has seen publishing itself as an act of resistance to the literal, the authoritarian and the facile (see the Siglio manifesto “On the Small and Contrary”).

We continue this mission in 2018 with a defiantly eclectic list by artists and writers—Mirtha Dermisache, Ellie Ga, Karen Green and Dick Higgins—who resist categorical distinctions, envisioning image, language and the space of the book in expansive and utterly imaginative ways.

Image above from Frail Sister by Karen Green.



Mirtha Dermisache: Selected Writings (March)

Co-published with Ugly Duckling Presse. Edited by Daniel Owen and Lisa Pearson

Argentinian artist Mirtha Dermisache (1940-2012) wrote dozens of books, hundreds of letter and postcards, and countless texts. Not a single one was legible yet—in their proximity to language—they resonate with a mysterious potential for meaning. Dermisache’s writings suggest both an abstract “essence of writing” and a concrete democratization of written forms—an elaborate exploration of the possibilities for ink and page to make a represent thought. Selected Writings, the first collection of Dermisache’s works to be published in the U.S., collects two completes books and a selection of texts from the early 1970s.

Ellie Ga: Square Octagon Circle (May)

More than two thousand stone remnants of the fabled Pharos Lighthouse, one of the wonders of the ancient world, lie in the murky waters of the Mediterranean. Although mapped meticulously by underwater archaeologists, the majority of these stones will never be retrieved. The Lighthouse can only be inferred from its fragments. Artist Ellie Ga embarks on a labyrinthine inquiry into the Lighthouse, creating a richly layered image-text work that deftly navigates the spaces between history and mythology, translation and mistranslation, the represented and the overlooked.



Siglio has two very exciting books for the fall. The first is Frail Sister by Karen Green, author of Bough Down. This fictional archive of letters, altered photographs, and collages traces the disappearance of one woman—and many. Beginning with the mesmerizing story of two sisters who are child performers in the dirt poor town of Oil City, Pennsylvania during the Great Depression, Frail Sister journeys to Italy during WWII as one sister escapes to the USO, only to return to a life that disintegrates at every edge.

The other fall title is a three-hundred page reader Dick Higgins: Intermedia, Fluxus, and the Something Else Press—a long overdue collection of writings by the Fluxus artist, poet and publisher Dick Higgins whose Something Else Press was one of the most radical experiments in 20th century publishing.  Edited by Granary Books publisher Steve Clay and Fluxus artist and scholar Ken Friedman, this compendium dives deep into the ever-influential ideas that Higgins explored in material and practice. In addition to an essential selection of his writings, it will also include a special section on Something Else Press.


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