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Read more  here about Cecilia Vicuña: About to Happen (our second in the series of artist’s book published in collaboration with the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans).

We also have two new, very exciting releases coming out in the fall—Anouck Durand: Eternal Friendship (image above) and Vincent Sardon: The Stampographer.

Scroll down for a little info and few sample images. We’ll post complete info later this spring.


Anouck Durand: Eternal Friendship

Translated by Elizabeth Zuba with an essay by Eliot Weinberger

Winner of the French Voices Award!

In an exquisite collage narrative drawn from photographic archives, personal letters, propaganda posters and political speeches, artist and writer Anouck Durand tells the true story of Refik Veseli, an Albanian propaganda photographer whose 1970 visit to China is an opportunity to escape the state censors and finally send a letter to his dear friend, Mosha Mandil.

During World War II, the Veselis, a Muslim family, hid the Mandils, a family of Jews when the Nazis occupied Albania. Despite the dire circumstances, Mosha instilled a great passion in Refik for photography, and a friendship was forged in the crucible of war. After liberation, the Mandils left for Israel, inviting Refik to join them, but he stayed behind to contribute to his new nation, not knowing he’d never see his dear friend again.

Durand’s Eternal Friendship is a true story, but wholly imagined in voice and intimate thought, told with nuance, restraint and circuitous revelations. The historical and the personal are inextricably intertwined. Images that seem to have one message have many. And an art form, used at the behest of merciless state powers, becomes a tool for liberation and human connection.

Photographer and writer Anouck Durand creates polyphonic photo-novels and image-based narratives using a variety of found materials and archives, drawing on history, pop culture as well as fictional constructions. Her work has been exhibited and collected by a variety of institutions including Museum Nicéphore Niépce and the Kandinsky Library at Centre Georges Pompidou. Eternal Friendship (originally Amitie Éternelle) was exhibited at the Arles Photography Festival in 2014.


Vincent Sardon: The Stampographer

With an interview by Richard Kraft and Lisa Pearson, translated by Philippe Aronson

The Stampographer traverses the fantastic, anarchic imagination of Parisian artist Vincent Sardon whose dark, combative sense of humor is infused with Dadaist subversion and Pataphysical play. Using rubber stamps he designs and manufactures himself, Sardon appropriates a medium often associated with petty and idiotic displays of bureaucratic power, then uses those stamps not to assert authority, but to refuse it. He scours the Parisian landscape as well as the world at-large, skewering the power-hungry and the pretentious, reveling in the vulgar and profane. In The Stampographer, there are insults in multiple languages, sado-masochistic Christmas ornaments, a miniature Kamasutra with an auto-erotic Jesus, death masks and jewel-like scarabs pinned to the page.

Yet, his razor-sharp satire is tinged with the irony of his exquisite sense of beauty. The stamps are rarely static—they have an animating magic whether boxers are punching faces out of place or dragonflies seemingly hover over the page. His work is provocative in its subject matter as well as in its process and dissemination: Sardon not only stands defiantly outside the art world’s modes of commerce but his artworks (the rubber stamps themselves) are actually the means with which anyone can make an artwork of their own.

Vincent Sardon is a radically independent artist in Paris who makes and sells his work in a little shop and studio near the Père Lachaise cemetery in the eleventh arrondissment. He began his career as political cartoonist for the left-wing Libération then, disillusioned, he set out on his own to make rubber stamps, of which he’s now made hundreds. He has an ardent cult following in France following the illustrious comic book press L’Association publication of Le Tampographe, a four-year journal narrating his artistic life and work, which is now in its third printing.


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